We Have Manufactured Over 40,000 Rug Poles Of The
Highest Quality
Over The Last Five Decades

We sell material handling attachments for carpet and other rolled goods.

Your Most Trusted Machine Shop
in Dalton, GA since 1961

You've reached the most experienced carpet pole manufacturer in the USA, and we will surpass your expectations!

R & R Loopers manufactures industry-grade forklift rug poles and accessories for the carpet industry. We work for a wide variety of original equipment manufacturers (OEM), besides providing for nationwide retail stores.


Premier Manufacturer

R & R Loopers is considered as one of the top rug pole manufacturers in the USA carpet pole industry. Located in the hub of the carpet industry, we are committed to providing high-quality products and services. We have manufactured over 40,000 rug poles in our glorious history of over five decades.

Our Core Business

We focus on products for the carpet industry. We also serve as a local machine shop. Our welding staff provides customized carpet poles as well as machining support for all your business needs.


Our products are known for high-quality. Once our products are installed on your equipment, you can be assured of a secure fix.

  • Rug poles
  • End of fork model
  • Backer plates
  • Pole block
  • Top bracket
  • Bottom bracket
  • Support gussets
  • Standard faceplate
  • Tufting accesories
  • Machining services
  • Welding services
R & R Loopers

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